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Professional Support from the Ground Up

AirPoint Colorado drone professional can integrate aerial imagery into your website.

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Tell Your Story, Reinforce Your Brand

  • Incorporate aerial photography and videography into your website
  • Integrate digital marketing services and editing skills
  • Post and share to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
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FAA Licensed & Certified Pilot

We’re one of the only businesses in Fort Collins with a Colorado Drone Professional on staff. His name is Tony. And he’s already logged hundreds of drone flights with thousands of flight hours and aerial photography and videography in Northern Colorado and beyond. It’s that expertise that sets us apart. What’s more, we have all the aviation insurance and approvals so you can focus on your business while we handle the details of your next flight.

“Drone aerial imaging for both marketing and data collection is the wave of the future, and it’s here today at AirPoint.”

Our Professional Drone Equipment

Drones may be new to you, but not to us. Our drone fleet is built from the most trusted name in aerial platforms, DJI. Our drones can take off or descend vertically, fly in any direction, hover with complete precision, maintain stability in winds up to 20 miles per hour and turn on a dime. And that’s not all…

    • 4K camera and retractable landing gear
    • Micro four thirds cinema level 4k resolution
    • Up to 30 minutes of continuous flight time
    • Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer Camera
    • Photogrammetry & Mapping software
    • Thermal Data Processing

Where Drones Drive Your Business

Based in Fort Collins, CO, AirPoint has already logged hundreds of drone flights and collected aerial footage all over Northern Colorado and beyond. Contact us today to let your next opportunity take flight.