Up, Up and Away with Your Next Live Event…

Above it All

A typical crane shot at a large live event or concert is complex, costly and cumbersome. Drones provide a bird’s eye view of your next event without using a crane, and are an invaluable, versatile tool that captivates viewers with engaging and dynamic aerial imagery.

Livestreaming from New Heights

Drone live event aerial services capture and create breathtaking aerial imagery that you can livestream to your customers, employees and shareholders on any device including desktops, tablets and smart phones. You frame the action in real time. And it’s all done without scaffolding or poles – all at a price that fits your budget.

“With professional drone services set to increase by 6,000 percent by 2020, the possibilities for your business are truly unlimited.”
Tony Deyo
AirPoint FAA Certified Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Remote Pilot in Command

Drones Capture The Magic of Live Events Like

    • Live Sporting Events
    • Concerts
    • Live Performances
    • Municipalities
    • Corporate Events
    • Grand Openings
    • School Fundraisers
    • Outdoor Festivals
    • Bicycle Races
    • Running & Triathlons
    • White Water Adventures
    • Alpine Events
Live Event Aerial Services

Drones are making a big impact on the future of the events industry. And one of the best parts of aerial drone imagery? It lets even small businesses capture big time, high quality aerial footage on a relatively small budget. You’ll turn heads and attract attention like never before – all at distances, angles and altitudes that are impossible for manned aircraft. If you can dream it, we can do it.

Elevate Your Business

Let AirPoint help you highlight a sponsor’s involvement, provide a bird’s eye view of the hottest concerts and outdoor festivals and showcase sporting events in new and unprecedented ways. Aerial Live services starting at $549.