Amazing Air to Ground Thermography

Detect Minor Issues Before They Become Major Problems

Preventive maintenance can help save millions of dollars for companies before equipment or structures fail. Our thermal camera provides inspections in a variety of industries. This FLIR camera can be mounted on either of our drones. And the air-to-ground thermography results are amazing.

No Bucket Trucks. No Helicopters. No Scaffolding. No Risk.

visible light spectrum. In contrast, FLIR cameras see every nut and bolt in areas impossible to reach before – every leak (even those invisible to the naked eye) with no downtime, quicker turnaround and no risk to employees. You’ll not only save time, you’ll save money. You can perform multiple drone inspections at multiple sites per day that are easy to interpret and apply.

“Drones are safer, faster and about half the cost when compared to traditional ground-based thermography.”

Drone Thermal Inspections Are Changing the Game For

    • Power Line Inspection
    • Cell Tower Inspection
    • Oil & Gas Inspection
    • Solar Inspection
    • Wind Turbine Inspection
    • Bridge Inspections
    • Home Inspections
    • Commercial Building Inspections
    • Roofing Inspections

As thermal sensors become smaller, lighter and less expensive, applications for thermal imaging and inspection continue to take off. Whether you’re inspecting HVAC units, wind turbines, roofs, cell towers or solar farms – even finding missing people, thermal imaging and inspection can provide invaluable information in so many applications. AirPoint’s FLIR cameras capture drone footage that’s traditionally been impossible to reach, or invisible to the naked eye, with no downtime, quicker turnaround and no risk to employees. Plus, it can collapse the work of a week into a single work day!

Elevate Your Business

No matter your size or budget, now is the perfect time to investigate using drone-based thermal inspections. Let AirPoint drone professionals help you select an industry-specific thermal imaging inspection starting at $1099.