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Aerial Volumetric Surveys

Whether you’re checking to see if you have enough material to cover a particular area, or providing a financial report of your inventory, accurate, efficient and safer volumetric measurement makes all the difference. Significantly less expensive than traditional measurement and survey methods, aerial drone surveying gives you results in hours instead of days, rendering highly accurate 3D models from 25 – 400 feet aloft.

Volumetric Analysis is Crucial to Your Success:

Businesses large and small in industries across the board are boosting productivity, automating reporting and saving time with professional drone services. Modern unmanned aircraft are superior when comparing the time and expense of traditional ground-based volumetrics.

“Drones are safer, faster and about half the cost when compared to traditional ground-based volumetrics.”
Tony Deyo
AirPoint FAA Certified Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Remote Pilot in Command

Aerial Volumetric Surveys Are Changing the Game For

    • Mining & Aggregate Industry
    • Energy & Gas Companies
    • Construction Firms
    • General Contractors
    • Farming & Agriculture
    • Environmental Research
    • Landscape & Gardening
    • Geological Organizations
    • Civil Engineering

It’s never been easier or safer to measure stockpiles, manage inventory and plan for the future of your business. All without the time and expense of traditional ground-based volumetrics. Our Colorado drone professionals plan the mission, take off, follow the flight path, record the data and generate 3D maps – all in thirty minutes or less! It’s just one way drones are changing the world one job at a time.

Save Time. Stay Safe.

No matter your size or budget, now is the perfect time to investigate aerial volumetric surveys. Let AirPoint drone professionals provide accurate and affordable volumetric aerial surveying with prices starting at $1099.